Neutered female cat

Our lovely  River has been neutered in February 2014.
She gave us 6 beautiful kittens out of 2 litters.
Father of these kittens is Love Explosions Hot Shot Clyde.


River with one of her 2 kittens (born october 2013) River’s Village Malin. November 2013

Love Explosion's Hot Shot Clyde, september 2014.

Love Explosion’s Hot Shot Clyde, september 2013.

Kittens Nova & Malin,  as they have been given new names by their new owners, born: 31-10-2013.

Novak & Mila 22112013

River’s Village Nova & Mila

Kittens Texas, Clyde, formerly known as Washington, Boston & Phoenix born: 24-12-2012.

Kittens Alfrodull's River x Love Explosion's Clyde

River’s Village Texas, Washington, Boston & Phoenix.



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